Book Review, Fantasy, YA

Review: One Dark Throne (#2)


★★★★/ 5

Author: Kendare Blake
Genre: Fantasy, YA
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MVP: Arsinoe

The battle for the crown has begun, but which of the three sisters will prevail?

With the unforgettable events of the Quickening behind them and the Ascension Year underway, all bets are off. Katharine, once the weak and feeble sister, is stronger than ever before. Arsinoe, after discovering the truth about her powers, must figure out how to make her secret talent work in her favor without anyone finding out. And Mirabella, the elemental sister once thought to be the certain Queen Crowned, faces attacks like never before—ones that put those around her in danger she can’t seem to prevent.

Fennbirn’s deadliest queens must confront the one thing standing in their way of the crown: each other.

“No matter how far I go, I’m still your person. We stand together now.”


The three sisters, Mirabella, Arsinoe and Katherine, are back once again to face each other during the deadly Ascension Year that will determine who will be crowned Queen. In Kendare Blake’s world, a set of triplets are gifted with one of the three mystical factions; the ability to wield and consume poison, control over the elements or a naturalist gift that can summon and control animals.

In the first book we were introduced to each sister and discovered that two of the sisters, Arsinoe and Katherine, had been placed in the wrong factions. At the end of Three Dark Crowns Katherine survives being pushed into a deadly mystical pit by her lover and book two picks right up where book one left off; the three sisters must kill one another and who ever is left standing will be crowned Queen of Fennbirn.

I was hesitant to take on book two as I was bitterly disappointed with how the last book ended. The entire premise of the book is that the sisters must face each other and kill one another in order to take the throne. Both books spends it’s entire time setting you up to this ultimate battle… and then nothing happens. Ummm… excuse me? How can you set me up thinking there will be a massive explosion and then all I get is a little fizzle?

One Dark Throne does have more action however, despite the exact same stakes, and yet once again I was left disappointed when I reached the last page.  Again all three sisters were still alive despite one being crowned. I feel a little bitter about there being no closure, which is hard for a reader like myself because I feel cheated. I’m all for a cliff hanger, but there needs to be a small release of the pressure a writer has built. At the very least there needs to be some strong consequences for the characters actions.

Regarding the future of this series I discovered that there are two more books to follow, and it is with a heavy feeling that I know the closure isn’t coming any time soon. I’m not sure if I will continue the series. I might though depending on the reviews for the next one which I believe is released at the end of this year.

On a positive note though, One Dark Throne is a super quick read. Despite being 450 pages long, Blake’s writing style is fluid and easy to consume. Her characters are interesting and entertaining, with a few baddies that are fun to hate. Additionally, her multiple side characters all have their own interesting backstories that I wouldn’t mind reading more about.

Overall, this book is an improvement from the previous one which gives me hope for the following book. So if you enjoy fantasy world’s with corrupt kingdoms and magic, then I would totally encourage you to read One Dark Throne.

Have you read any of Kendare Blake’s work? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below.


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