Book Review, Fantasy, Romance

Review: Chasing Atlantis


★★★ / 5

Author: Kelly Coughlin
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary
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Chasing Atlantis is riveting, and exciting until the very end. A story that keeps you guessing and questioning the very framework of humanity. One girl’s courage to face the truth about her family and her past will reveal the truth about what Atlantis really represents. Amy believes her yearly pilgrimage to the beach will be just like every other time but she is wrong–dead wrong. As she comes of age she finds herself surrounded by people who want to use her, but for what purpose is still undecided. Who can she trust? Her family friend since childhood? Or this strange mystery boy who can drown her with his eyes? Only time will tell.


When I selected Chasing Atlantis to read, I did so with the expectation that the story would focus on a typical teenage girl (Amy) who falls in love with a merman (Ty) during her summer vacation with her mother. I anticipated fluff and whimsical young adult romance, and a splash of mermaid lore. What I ended up with was an intense tale bursting at the seams with supernatural creatures and an interesting approach to what/where ‘Atlantis’ really is.

As I have read supernatural tales my entire life, I found it humorous that Amy, the tales protagonist, took so long to figure out what was dangling right in front of her face. To her credit though, (and some skillful character development by Kelly Coughlin), once Amy did figure out what was going on, she took it all in her stride. Without giving too much of the plot away, it was the revelation of the family friend’s son Adam, whose true identity surprised me and really won me over, leaving me to devour the remaining chapters in order to discover everybody’s fate.

If you love supernatural fiction as much as I do, and you enjoy YA romance at it’s best than Chasing Atlantis is a perfect fit for you


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