getting to know me

13572541-girl-at-the-computer-printsnew blog. new year. same me.

For years I have lurked when it came to blogs; I follow hundreds of people and I have played around occasionally with blogs of my own. Mostly it was to post random photos/gifs/recipes and links to my fanfic. (Yes, I write fanfic – some of the best writing i’ve read over the years has been fanfic). Recently however, my fellow timtam enthusiast and psych bff, Rozzie ,suggested I use the blog space to track my progress through my Bach degree and use a blog as a tool to help reinforce my learning. She’s one pretty smart chick, so I figured she must be on to something here.

So here is my first post….

I’m a 30-something married chickadee who enjoys nothing more than understanding how our twisted little minds work. I’m short, silly, tv obsessed writer who often goes into battle against my mortal enemies Anxiety and Depression. AD and I have been going strong now since my early teens, but it wasn’t until a few years ago before I met my hubby that AD took up residence permanently after slaying me on the wastelands that are known as a public hospital. Tormented with kidney stones, Diverticulitis and being overworked I experienced hell, both physical and mental, and I seriously thought my days were numbered.

However inside the scary caves of darkness I found a guiding light after being referred to an amazing Psychologist, AB, and she guided me back to the land of the living. Through healing sessions and a lot of education AB gave me back my confidence and gave me the strength to stand on my own again. It was from her life saving help that I realised that I too wanted to be able to give back and help people the way she helped me.

Enrolling into University was a life-changing moment for me. I came from a history of believing that I wasn’t very bright and that there was no way I would be accepted into Uni – and yet to my surprise ACAP welcomed me and gave me more than I could ever pay them back for (though the Australian Government is doing its damnedest to make me try). The people I’ve met over the last 3 years have all in some way touched my life and inspired me, and it’s those people who continue to remind me that no matter how stressful uni life becomes, (and oh god how many readings there are to do), what I am doing matters. What I am learning matters and some day down the path it’s really going to matter to someone else. That’s all I have ever wanted;  to help people. I want people to know they aren’t alone, that someone out there cares and that there is always help.

So whether you have a passing interest in psychology or you just enjoy reading my ramblings and book reviews stay tuned for more on the twisted world of Psychology and all it’s associated condiments.

– gickles


One thought on “getting to know me

  1. You should blog about uni stuff. It really helps get the stuff stuck in there. Heheh. And I haven’t forgotten about the Learning & Memory summary… I just have been all over the place and now JD is being VERY jealous when I try to sit at the computer! (how dare I not pay attention to her 24/7… lol)

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